Academy of Concrete Technology | About Us

Learn And Do It Right!


AoCT aspires to be the leading practical Academy in Asia to produce well trained, recognized & certified individuals to raise the standards of concrete knowledge with best-practices.


  1. To engage professionals, industry leaders and experienced contractors to conduct practical workshops, courses with case studies, demos with hands-on training for school leavers, fresh graduates and individuals.
  2. To organize practical seminars to educate those related in the concrete industry.
  3. To provide technical certification related to concrete.
  4. To provide accreditation, both academically and professionally through international recognized institutions.
  5. To provide a grading system through written or oral tests and practical skill evaluations.


ZACK LIM, the founder of AOCT, has amassed over 33 year experience as an innovative building contractor specializing in building factories and warehouses who constantly strives for excellence in delivering works of the highest quality to all his clients. He gained recognition after completing the following multi-national companies like Western Digital, Flextronics, Nestle Distribution Centre.

His reputation in this arena began to expand into super flat flooring industry by forming strategic with specialists from Australia, USA and UK. Some of the renowned projects are: IKEA, Tesco, Carrefour, Giant Supermarket, Proton City, Intel, SMART Tunnel, LCCT, KLIA2 and many others.

Under his leadership, his company has successfully completed projects in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Philippines and Qatar. Realising that there is a growing demand for high quality concrete in the Malaysian and Asian market, along with his involvement in …

Having the privilege to work closely with various professors, concrete specialists from renowned Universities in Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Egypt and USA, he notices the glaring lack of understanding, know-hows and methodologyin the area of concrete among those involved in construction industry. As a result, he sees the need to establish a concrete academy to raise the standards of concrete knowledge with best-practices through teaching and sharing. The core principle he advocates is ‘Doing it right the first time’ to avoid unnecessary and costly repairs.

Some of the seminars successfully organized includes speakers from USA, Australia, India, Egypt, UK, Pakistan etc are:

  • Concrete Cracks, Repairs and Rehabilitation
  • Joints in concrete and the use of proper jointing systems
  • Steel fibre technology and prime composite technology
  • How to construct world class concrete floors and avoid costly repairs
  • Steel fibre reinforced slab-on-piles, jointing systems, criteria to specify and construct flawless superflat floors
  • Types, causes and preventive measures for cracks
  • Cracks on concrete imprint
  • Concrete Floor Measurement