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Learn And Do It Right!

Who should attend?

  • School-leavers who have no plans/cannot afford further education.
  • Those who prefers hands on work, learning through experience.
  • Those who are technically inclined and wants to obtain technical certifications.
  • Fresh Graduates who want to acquire essential concrete knowledge.
  • Employees who want to further their knowledge in concrete.
  • Concrete related companies/manufacturers, Ready-Mixed, Contractors who want to develop their staff with better knowledge in concrete.

Courses available

  1. Essential Knowledge Of Concrete Floor Cracks
  2. Essential Knowledge Of SuperFlat Concrete Floor (Intermediate)
  3. Essential Knowledge Of Concrete Flat Floor (Beginner)
  4. Essential Knowledge Of Concrete Batching Operation
  5. Essential Knowledge Of Concrete Mix Design
  6. Essential Knowledge Of Waterproofing

All our seminars are providing CCD, CPD & HRDF claimable.


  • CCD or Contractor Continuous Development is a program that is designed to ensure contractors registered with CIDB are continually well-informed and knowledgeable.
  • CCD point is acquired for contractors in order to renew contractor’s registration.
  • Contractors must have their scores by grade that follows the CCD requirement.


There are few ways to collect cidb points, which are:

  • Attending program that involves in knowledges increases, forums, seminars and courses.
  • Involvements in associations that related
  • Contributions in the knowledge program as speakers, panelists , and related.
  • Social and civic contributions


  • ‘CPD’ or Continuing Professional Development; ‘CPD credit hour’ means the number of hours accredited by the Panel for an approved event
  • ‘CPD event’ means the activities that are approved by the Panel which qualify for the CPD credit hour.
  • Continuing Professional Development is defined as systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skill and development of personal qualities for execution of professional and technical duties throughout the engineers’ working life.


The CPD programme for Professional Engineers will comprise six major groups of activities:

  • Formal Education and Training Activities
  • Informal Learning Activities
  • Conference and Meeting
  • Presentation and Papers
  • Service activities
  • Industry Involvement (for academicians)


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