Cement | Mortar | Concrete What are the difference?

Cement, mortar and concrete are terms that are often used in the construction industry but at some point, these terms have been misinterpreted.

Cement: A material that acts as binder/glue that holds materials such as aggregates. Consist of two types; Hydraulic and Non-Hydraulic Cement. Hydraulic cement such as Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) will set and harden when in contact with water. Non-Hydraulic cement will not harden when in contact with water, it needs dry condition to gain strength such as gypsum plaster.

Mortar: A mixture of cement paste and fine aggregates (sand) are used commonly used for masonry works and precast products.
Concrete: It is a mixture of cement (hydraulic) , aggregates, and water, with or without admixtures, fibers, or other cementations materials with the large range of strength.

Cement →Powder
Cement + Water →Cement Paste
Cement Paste + Fine Aggregates →Mortar
Mortar + Coarse Aggregates →Concrete

06 Sep 2021